Hi! So nice to meet you!

I'm Jenna! And this is my beautiful little family. I'm originally from down the shore (that's New Jersey speak for near the beach!) and live in beautiful Metuchen, NJ now!

I've always wanted to own a little shop - I have vivid memories of being young and sitting with my mom, dreaming about all the amazing products I could make and carry and sell. While I didn't initially jump into the world of entrepreneurship, my journey through school and work in graphic design, marketing, and retail have provided the best experience to start this journey now! Better late than never, right?

I started love, june back in 2017 with the idea of creating a new, more modern, Metuchen tshirt. I sold those shirts at the Country Fair that October and since then, I've expanded into new product areas, hosted pop-ups around town, and had a semi-permanent space inside a Metuchen shop for a few months!
love, june got a big break with the opening of NEWMARKET - a multi-shop marketplace inside one storefront in downtown Metuchen. Partnering with amazing people and local businesses (Creative Twist Events, Sweet Roots Cakery, and FK Living), love, june has been able to cultivate an experience to find beautiful and meaningful gifts, create a community with locals and visitors alike, and has allowed me to start the journey of fulfilling lifelong dreams.

I am so thrilled to meet you and so excited that you've stopped by!


oh! and if you're wondering what our name means..

June is my beautiful grandmother, the only grandparent I knew throughout my life. She is my dads mom and was the matriarch of our very large family - she had 7 children, 13-ish grandchildren, and countless great grands! She is my guardian angel for sure and I love her and miss her with all my heart. 

Knowing that I wanted to honor her in some way, but also tie in components of thoughtfulness, love, and gift-giving, the name love, june mimics how you'd sign a card or letter or gift.